May 23, 2009

Showdate 5/23/09
Length 1:24:58
Bitrate 192 kb/s

Some great stuff this week, with new tracks by Solarstone, Earthscape, John O'Callaghan, and others, plus remixes of classics by Airwave and Paul Van Dyk, and a couple of listener requests. Please let us know if you like it.

Be sure to check out next week's show on Saturday 30 May as we celebrate the 7th anniversary of the Trance Mix. We're planning an awesome five-hour nonstop mix of the best songs we've played during the last seven years; tune in by clicking here for the live feed beginning at 9 PM US Central time, 0200 GMT. Hope you'll join the party!

  1. Winterlight - Mirror (Solarstone Subterranean Mix)
  2. Gabriel Lukosz Feat Rachele Warner - Last One Out (Original Vocal Mix)
  3. Hoyaa Feat Aminda - Midnight Forest (Original Mix)
  4. Earthscape Feat Andreea Britton - Believe In Me (Original Mix)
  5. Armin Van Buuren Feat Jaren - Unforgivable (First State Smooth Mix)
  6. Project Logical - Sobota (Electro Alternative Mix)
  7. Santerna Feat Amber Whitman - Another Memory (Original Mix)
  8. Airwave - Save Me (White Room Remix)
  9. Andrew Bennett - Break Away (Original Mix)
  10. John OCallaghan Feat Audrey Gallagher - Take It All Away (Original Mix)
  11. Cold Blue - Paradise (Original Mix)
  12. Paul Van Dyk - For An Angel (Filo And Peri Remix)
  13. Simon Hunter - Under The Southern Cross (Baz Lalor Remix)

May 16, 2009

Showdate 5/16/09
Length 1:27:24
Bitrate 192 kb/s

We're back with an all-new mix of melodic mostly vocal trance tracks this week; fresh releases from Kuffdam, John O'Callaghan, Ferry Corsten, Andre Tanneberger (aka ATB), and more. Hope you enjoy it.

Here's a program note: in two weeks (5/30/09) we'll celebrate an amazing landmark - seven years of the Trance Mix. Who'd have thought it? To mark this auspicious occasion, we're planning a massive five-hour mix of the best tracks we've ever played on the show, so if you have any favorite oldies-but-goodies, drop us an email and we'll include them. Shout-outs, greetings, and/or well-wishes also welcome. :-) Thanks for your support!

  1. Kuffdam - Turn Your Hand To This (Original Mix)
  2. Natious - Amber (Alandanat Remix)
  3. The Mitchell Project - Welcome To The Dance Part 3 (Dan Rouge Remix)
  4. Ferry Corsten - We Belong (Extended Mix)
  5. Shadowfall And Liquid Vision Feat Alphadelt - Take My Time (CJ Peeton Remix)
  6. John Ocallaghan Feat Sarah Howells - Find Yourself (Original Mix)
  7. Tritonal Feat Soto - Piercing Quiet (Air Up There Remix)
  8. Store N Forward - Hello World (Akesson Remix)
  9. Gareth Emery - Exposure
  10. ATB - A New Day
  11. Sindre Eide - Essentia (Andy Tau Remix)
  12. Ronski Speed - Overfloat (Ronski Speed Pres Sun Decade Mix)
  13. Sunquest Feat Josie - A Little Bit Special (Sundriver Remix)
  14. Pulser Feat Josie - Undo The Silence (Original Mix)

May 9, 2009

Showdate 5/09/09
Length 1:08:45
Bitrate 192 kb/s

As last Saturday night's live show will be the only one this year to exactly coincide with a full moon, we thought it appropriate to present a mix consisting solely of songs with the word "Moon" or "Lunar" in the title. The podcast this week is a compact version of that show; if you'd like to hear the nearly two-hour complete aircheck (which also includes a 15-minute lunar meditation intermission), click here.

  1. DJ Wag - Man On The Moon
  2. AF Project - Moonlight Madness (Original Mix)
  3. Conjure One Feat Sarah O'Connor - Tears From The Moon (Tiestos In Search Of Sunrise Remix)
  4. Ernesto vs Bastian - Dark Side of the Moon
  5. Sound Players & Nitrous Oxide Presents Silver Mist - Moonwalker (Original Mix)
  6. Solarstone Feat Essence - Lunar Rings (Heatbeat Remix)
  7. Arpegia And Olivier P Pres Fast Distance - Lunar Path (Original Mix)
  8. Nitrous Oxide - Red Moon Slide
  9. Luke Terry And Kopi Luwak Feat Tiff Lacey - Fall Into The Moon
  10. Ablaze Rene Vs Cyres - Talking To The Moon (Original Mix)

May 2, 2009

Showdate 5/02/09
Length 1:21:35
Bitrate 192 kb/s

A melodic yet stomping set of mostly new tunes this week, plus a great remix of a classic 4 Strings track. Next week will be our special Full Moon Fever Mix, listen live here for all sorts of craziness that will likely not make it into the podcast starting Saturday night 9 May at 9 PM US central time (Sunday 0200 GMT). See you!

  1. Der Mystik And Alex Relic Pres Perplexity - Mediterraneo (Original Mix)
  2. Raver Feat Tiff Lacey - Conscience (Fonetik Remix)
  3. Artificial Dreamer - Maybe Tomorrow (Back To Darmstadt Remix)
  4. Luciano Di Nardo - Anymore (Chris Reece Remix)
  5. 4 Strings - Take Me Away (Dave Darell Remix)
  6. Albert Keyn - Save One Love (Store N Forward Vocal Mix)
  7. Nitrous Oxide - Show Me (Original Mix)
  8. C Systems - Heat (Hodel And Terry's Summer Sun Remix)
  9. Steve Birch Vs Jay Cox Feat Marcie - Lucid Dreaming (Original Mix)
  10. Andy Tau - Leap Of Faith (Bissen Remix)
  11. Green And Pea - Back To You (Abraham Leoga Remix)
  12. Marcos Feat Emi Jarvi - Cosmic String (Activa Vocal Mix)
  13. Chris Turner Feat Claire Willis - Captured Fall (Reorder Remix)