April 25, 2009

Showdate 4/25/09
Length 1:28:10
Bitrate 192 kb/s

A tightly-mixed set of mostly new tracks for you this week, highlighting the fine vocals of Tiff Lacey and newcomer Rachele Warner. Thanks for listening.

  1. Tilt - Twelve (original mix)
  2. Store N Forward - Computer Music (Original Intro Mix)
  3. Alex M.o.r.p.h Feat Simon - No Regrets (Menno De Jong Vocal Mix)
  4. Leon Bolier - Singapore (Original Mix)
  5. Jan Johnston - Happy Ending (Jorn Van Deynhoven Vs Sascha Milde Remix)
  6. Amaya - Amaya (Alive Stone Remix)
  7. Paul Miller Pres Motion Blur - Liquidity (Suncatcher Remix)
  8. David Forbes - Foldback (Original Mix)
  9. Javah Pres Tiff Lacey - One By One (Dima Krasnik Remix)
  10. Lexikon - Leaving (Original Mix)
  11. Robert Nickson - Spiral (Original Mix)
  12. MNK - The Time Goes By (Original Mix)
  13. Summer Sessions Feat Tiff Lacey - By My Side (Original Mix)
  14. Passive Progressive Feat Rachele Warner - Hide Away (7skies And Static Blue Vocal Mix)

April 18, 2009

Showdate 4/18/09
Length 1:17:00
Bitrate 192 kb/s

Thanks very much for sending your requests and shoutouts, we've incorporated them into this week's show. Greetings to our American listeners can be heard at around 15 minutes into the mix, and to our worldwide friends at about 1:01:00. We'll do this again in a future show, so shoot us an email at star98@gmx.net if you'd like to have your name included next!

  1. The Thrillseekers - Synaesthesia (Pulser Remix)
  2. Ferry Corsten - Galaxia (Original Extended Mix)
  3. Shinelovers - Offshore (Morphing Shadows Remix)
  4. Sonic Element - Paint The Blue (Store N Forward Remix)
  5. Aquateca - Azure (Original Mix)
  6. Oceanlab - Clear Blue Water (Mike Shiver Garden State Remix)
  7. Oceanlab - Miracle (Club Mix)
  8. Armin Van Buuren Feat Jaren - Unforgivable (Stoneface And Terminal Vocal Mix)
  9. Acus And Elitist - Zonderland (8 Wonders Mirage At Dusk Mix)
  10. John Ocallaghan Feat Audrey Gallagher - Big Sky (Agnelli And Nelson ReMix)
  11. Paul Miller - Escape (Original Mix)

April 11, 2009

Showdate 4/11/09
Length 1:28:50
Bitrate 192 kb/s

Welcome! This week's mix features a few obscure tunes you might have not heard elsewhere, rounded out by some more familiar material. SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: On next week's show (4/18) we're going to be reading some shoutouts to a few of our regular listeners. If you'd like to get your (or a friend's) name on the list, send an email to star98@gmx.net, and listen next week to hear your shouts preserved for all eternity (or until this web site crashes, whichever comes first). If you have any requests for special songs you'd like, feel free to include those as well, but if so please be sure and send them by FRIDAY (4/17/09) to give us time to track 'em down. Thanks!

-The Trancemaster

  1. Far And Away - Amber Morning (Mark Chambers Laidback Mix)
  2. Keenan And Anderson Feat Endc - Drift Away (Chris Drifter Vocal Remix)
  3. Cressida - Onyric (Original Mix)
  4. Probspot - Pinot Noir
  5. Andrelli - What's Going On (Allende Remix)
  6. DNS Project - Wireframe (Beat Service Remix)
  7. Travel - Bulgaria 10 Years Later (Moebius Extented Old School Trance Mix)
  8. Stowers And Young - The Second Coming (Albert Vorne Remix)
  9. Dt8 Project - Destination (Mark Eteson Remix)
  10. Michael Angelo Feat Danny - Test Drive (Joseph And Guerrero Remix)
  11. Robert B - Collapse (Cesar Lugo Remix)
  12. Invisible Sounds - New York City (Crystal Design Remix)

April 4, 2009

Showdate 4/04/09
Length 1:30:00
Bitrate 192 kb/s

A full 90 minutes of choice tuneage this week, featuring the new A&B remix of Oceanlab's "On A Good Day" single (GREAT freakin' track, BTW) and lots more. As is becoming my trademark style, this set again starts out easy in the sub-130 bpm range, building to a stomping 140-bpm crescendo, with some tight and tasty mixes along the way. Check it out and don't forget to leave a comment, that's they only way I can tell if anybody likes my shit here. If not, I may have to go back to my previous gig as a busboy at Red Lobster, and let's face it, none of us want that to happen, now, do we? Thanks, see ya next week!

  1. Ashley Wallbridge - Spitfire (Original Mix)
  2. Tritonal Feat Cristina Soto - Lunarium (Supuer Remix)
  3. Blufeld - Moonbeams Kiss The Sea (Karybde And Scylla Remix)
  4. Above And Beyond Pres Oceanlab - On A Good Day (Above And Beyond Club Mix)
  5. Radiance Side - Awakening (Nick Rowland Remix)
  6. Dan Ascherl - Hello From New York (Original Mix)
  7. Dimension - Longing (Original Mix)
  8. Earthscape Feat Andreea Britton - Believe In Me (Van Der Vleuten Vocal Remix)
  9. AB Project - Adversity (Sequentia Remix)
  10. Forerunners - Of A Thousand Suns (Original Mix)
  11. Talla 2xlc Vs Carl B Feat Katie Marne - Giving Up Giving In (Sean Tyas Mix)
  12. Ron Malakai - Invincible (Original Mix)
  13. Oliver Smith - Cirrus